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Apr 13

Teeth whitening is an important aspect of our dental health. There are a variety of causes that might induce your teeth to become dull and discolored. When it comes to your teeth losing their luster, staining from the foods you eat is one of the most prominent causes, but age also plays a factor.

Thankfully, there are ways to restore the brilliance of your teeth, either on your own or with the help of the best at-home teeth whitening treatment. If you're looking for a natural way to whiten your teeth, there are a few foods that can help.

Teeth Whitening Foods


So, can strawberries help you whiten your teeth? The answer is a resounding yes! They include malic acid, an enzyme that can erase stains from your teeth's surface. You may consume them as well as mash them up and use them to brush your teeth. You'll need to wait five minutes before rinsing your mouth and brushing and flossing as usual.



The adage about doctors and apples is well-known. Do apples, on the other hand, help to keep your teeth clean? Fortunately for everyone, they certainly do! Your mouth produces more saliva to assist break down the fibers because they need a bit more effort to ingest. Saliva is your mouth's natural cleansing agent, so producing more of it can help remove stains and bacteria from your teeth.

Furthermore, the apple's crunchy component scrubs your teeth, which might aid in the removal of surface stains. Scrubbing activity can also help to remove bacteria that cause foul breath, so eating apples as often as possible is good in a variety of ways!


  1. MILK

You've been told to drink milk your whole life, and you might be thinking, "Does milk make your teeth white?" Lactic acid and calcium are two minerals that maintain your teeth healthy and white, and milk contains both. It's never too late to start drinking milk, so pour yourself a glass and help your teeth and body!



Did you know that watermelon can aid with tooth whitening? Watermelon contains more malic acid than strawberries, which may help to whiten your teeth and promote saliva production. Watermelon's fibrous texture is also said to clean your teeth, which helps remove stains.

Malic acid is an alpha hydroxy acid that is utilized as a cosmetic component, according to the National Institutes of Health (NIH). According to the National Institutes of Health, malic acid can be used as a skin exfoliator and may be useful in the treatment of oral thrush, a fungal infection of the mouth.

Watermelon can be used to whiten your teeth in a variety of ways. If you eat watermelon, let it remain on your teeth for a few minutes before rinsing or cleaning. This allows the malic acid to do its work. Make a paste out of watermelon pulp and brush it on your teeth immediately. You can do this by pulverizing some watermelon with a fork and then using it as toothpaste for 3 minutes at a time. After eating, rinse your mouth with cold water.



Pellicle, or a coating of salivary proteins, protects your teeth. The pellicle layer protects your teeth while also absorbing food colours. This may cause stains. But there is reason to be optimistic! Some meals help to dissolve pellicle and clean your teeth naturally. Pineapple is one of these amazing foods. Bromelain is a proteolytic enzyme found in pineapple. Proteins, particularly those in your pellicle layer, can be broken down by proteolytic enzymes. So the next time you're craving a snack, opt for pineapple instead of potato chips and rest assured that you're doing something wonderful for your smile!



Did you know that papaya, like pineapple, includes a protein-degrading enzyme? This is good news for your teeth since it makes it easier for your toothpaste to break down the bacteria in plaque. It also helps to prevent discoloration and maintains the condition of your teeth in a variety of ways. Papain is a protein-degrading enzyme found in papaya. Your pellicle layer, which defends against plaque formation and lowers stains, decreases as a result of this. Papaya also contains potassium, which prevents teeth from getting dull or yellow and keeps them white and shining.


A More Vibrant Smile

Your teeth lose their radiance with time and as a result of discoloration, however, there are foods that naturally whiten teeth. If you want to see results faster than you can with teeth-whitening foods, you should also come to see us at River District Smiles Dentistry. Take a look at what we have to offer right now!