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A Fun Day in Amarillo Texas

Jan 29

The city of Amarillo is located in the Panhandle of Texas. It is known for its agriculture and oil industries. This city is a popular stop along US Route 66. Various museums and interesting sights are found throughout the city.

Known as the "Crossroads of the Panhandle," Amarillo is the county seat of Potter County. The city is also home to several theaters. During the summer, the weather is pleasant. In the winter, the temperatures can get chilly.

If you are looking for something to do in Amarillo, you will want to check out the Panhandle-Plains Historical Museum. This museum offers educational exhibits and fossils from the area.

You can also take a tour of the Amarillo Zoo. Here, you can see exotic birds, turtles, kangaroos, and even some tigers. Also, if you are in the mood for some thrills, you can go on a carnival ride at the Big Texas State Ranch. Another interesting place is the Don Harrington Discovery Center.

If you are interested in cars, you can visit Bill's Backyard Classics. The museum has a variety of classic and antique cars, including models from 1928 to 2012. They have models from hot rods to military jeeps.

For art lovers, you will want to pay a visit to the Amarillo Museum of Art. The museum has one of the finest collections of art in the southwest. There are special exhibitions as well.

Another unique site is Cadillac Ranch. Amarillo is known for its cattle, but it is also a city that has a history as a railroad town. Several historic buildings remain in the downtown area.

Amarillo is home to the Texas Air & Space Museum. The museum features models of aircraft from the past. Visitors can also check out artifacts relating to aviators, airports, and space travel.

There is an eclectic mix of shops and restaurants in the downtown area. This part of the city is getting a face lift, with many new establishments opening. Many historical buildings and neon signs from the old days still remain.

The city is also a center for western-country events. It is home to the second largest canyon in the United States. During the fall, the colors are incredible.

Other places to visit include the Llano Estacado Wind Ranch, which is the first wind farm in Texas. This site also has a scenic waterfall.

Amarillo is also home to the Big Texan Steak Ranch. In addition, it is the home of the Space Theater. These are just some of the things to do in Amarillo. Whether you are looking for a vacation or a short trip, the city has something for everyone.

Although the climate in Amarillo is quite different from that of other parts of the state, this is not a negative. Amarillo's location near the Gulf of Mexico means that the city is often impacted by storms and tornadoes. However, the town also enjoys a temperate, semi-arid climate. As a result, it is able to support the development of wind farms.

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