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The History of Rockwall Texas

Mar 14

Rockwall Texas is one of the most unique places in the state. It was named after a mysterious geologic formation that looks like long bricks. Learn more about All Care Comfort Solutions.

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Located just 25 miles east of Dallas, this vibrant city has seen incredible growth and recently was recognized by SmartAsset as a top Texas place to live.

The town is surrounded by a wealth of recreational and shopping options. From the downtown food scene to the picturesque Lake Ray Hubbard, the area offers something for everyone.

Historic Districts

The city of Rockwall has a number of historic districts. These districts foster homeownership and a sense of community. They also help to preserve the city’s architectural integrity, historical value and ambiance.

In addition, these areas have a higher rate of property appreciation than unlisted neighborhoods.

Residents who have lived in a designated historic district tend to be vested within the community and become long-term residents. This helps to create a more stable and secure housing market and allows for greater economic stability as property values rise over time.

During the late 1800s, a number of pioneer families settled in what is now Rockwall. Some came on horseback or mule-drawn wagons and others on emigrant trains from the East.

These pioneers had to travel a long distance to obtain the necessities of life such as salt, coffee and ammunition. They bought these items from Jefferson, Texas and then hauled them to Rockwall by ox wagon.

Once settled in Rockwall, they built their homes. Some of these homes still stand today in downtown Rockwall.

Early Rockwall residents were known for their honesty and hard work. They worked for the benefit of their family and community. They made it a point to share their stories with newcomers and the broader community.

They wanted to make sure that their children and grandchildren would remember them and the town they grew up in.

The story of these people is told in the Rockwall County Historical Foundation Museum, which is housed in a restored 1850 home. The museum features artifacts, photos and memorabilia that show how the people of Rockwall lived and worked during the early years of the city.

Despite the challenges that early settlers faced, they were able to build a prosperous community in what is now Rockwall Texas. Many of these early pioneers were farmers.

Other settlers were ranchers. They raised cattle, sheep and goats. They were also a significant source of revenue for the county as they provided livestock for sale to other communities.

By the time Rockwall was founded in 1854, there were 240 settlers. Most of them came from Missouri, Arkansas and other states.

The earliest settlers in Rockwall were farmers who moved to the area to escape the harsh weather conditions of the west and the lack of water available to their families in Arkansas. They traveled by horse, mule-drawn wagon or foot across the National Road of the Republic.

Once settled in Rockwall, the town quickly started to grow. The construction of the railroad in the late 19th century gave settlers access to more opportunities. In the 1950s the completion of Interstate Highway 30 and the opening of a Southwest aluminum plant in Rockwall revitalized the economy of the town.